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"As a dancer much like an athlete, I have pushed my body to its limits and
fullest potential for much of my life.

Now, later in life and as a dance teacher, I need my body to demonstrate basic
skills with ease of movement and no pain.

Dr. Jeff has helped my body to unwind pulling and twisting patterns that were
causing unnecessary stress on my body, especially my low back.

It is amazing how much freedom of movement my neck has today and the lack
of tension in my shoulders and upper back.

Dr. Jeff is helping me maintain the new me and not return to the “Tied in a knot”
version of myself.

Thanks, Dr. Jeff!"

Debbie Davenport

"How fortunate to find a chiropractor who is dedicated to the mind/body/spirit
connection and using that practice on his patients.

Dr. Jeffrey Hoffman’s energy work has had benefits to my being, mostly beyond
my awareness.  But, I do know that when I am in his care, I feel better, even
when the process of healing which is not always comfortable."

Diane Tessman, 2008
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