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Jeffrey Hoffman, D.C.
8129 Delmar Blvd., Suite 203
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Jeffrey Hoffman, D.C.
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Richmond Hgts., MO 63117
About Dr. Jeffrey Hoffman

Dr. Jeffrey Hoffman is a 1997 graduate of Logan
College of Chiropractic.  He is a former Teacher
of Anatomy for 2 St. Louis massage schools and
a former teaching staff member for Bio-
Geometric Integration (BGI), a leading edge
Model of Chiropractic.  He has a Bachelor of
Science in Electrical Engineering from University
of Missouri – Rolla and worked as an engineer
for 8 years before going to Chiropractic School.
Dr. Jeff at Rocky Mountain National Park.
My Testimonial

"Chiropractic changed the course of my
life.  I was heading for a life of greater
depression and lack of fulfillment.  I was
disconnected from myself especially my
feelings.  I hit rock bottom and then the
fates took me along a journey of discovery
and enlightenment.  I saw my first
Chiropractors with various degrees of
success but there was enough success for
me to continue.  I wound up with a
Chiropractor who was utilizing leading
edge Chiropractic and I was getting a
heavy dose of Chiropractic Philosophy
dealing Innate Intelligence and healing
from above down and inside out.  
Chiropractor took on a role going far
beyond musculoskeletal pain and into the
realms of healing.  Old patterns from stress
patterns of emotions, mental, physical and
chemical began to realize and I had
transformation healing experiences.  My life
changed and I  no longer could continue
work as an engineer.  I wanted to help
others experience what I had.  I quit my
engineering job and went to Chiropractic
school and I have never looked back.  That’
s part of my story.  Ask me about the rest."

Jeffrey Hoffman, D.C.